Assigned Reading: Club Trillion

December 23, 2008

It’s not a secret society, or a group of oil magnates who like to make it rain. And, surprisingly, it’s not even a reference to the long list of Shawn Kemp’s female friends.

No Club Trillion is none of the above, but it is the newest blog we’re reading and it gives a fairly unfiltered view of life from the end of Ohio State’s bench.

Hyped by the one-and-only Bill Simmons during a recent podcast, creators Mark Titus and Kyle Madsen, the twelfth and eleventh players, respectively, on the Buckeyes, are chronicling their time this season with the few other insignificant benchwarmers in their attempt to be part of this made-up exclusive club.


According to Titus on the December 16 edition of the B.S. Report, members must be able to record no more than one minute of play in a game (mop-up duty per the request of Thad Matta) and during their roughly 3-4 trips up and down the court must achieve…nothing. Nothing in the form of no rebounds, no shot makes, and not even a shot attempt. If successful, the box score for that player would read 1-000-000-000-000– as in one minute played followed by the 12 additional tracked statistics.

Titus noted in his interview with Simmons that Madsen has been starting to see some significant minutes in the rotation due to injury, and his status as a card-carrying member of Club Tril could be in jeopardy.

Titus was also quick to brag to the Sports Guy that he played on the same AAU team as Greg Oden, Mike Conley and Eric Gordon, and was tempted to test the NBA waters with them, but wisely decided against it.

Quickie Recap 12.6: No Percy no problem, Big 10 earns some respect

December 7, 2008

Rulers of the South

Rulers of the South

Oh what a dreary day to be a ‘Bama fan; a waste of a resurgent season, in our opinion. Granted they exceeded expectations, but this is where college football becomes irritating, We’re glad we have no deeply rooted allegiances and can instead crush Bud heavies every Saturday, all while watching 118 programs slowly widdle away like a slug doused with salt.

‘Bama can now likely look forward to a Sugar Bowl match-up with non-BCS children, Utah or Bosie State. Boring.<a name=”5476386886″></a>

In the other quasi-semifinal, Bob Stoops continues to proves he’s the biggest bully in college football by putting up 60+ points for the fifth consecutive game. It was over before it started and to us, Chase Daniels looked disinterested.

So it’s most likely going to be the Sooners vs. Gators for in the BCS Championship Game. Start your fact checking now Mr. Thom Brennaman.


In roundball, the Big 10 may have gained some respect with two upset victories…

Meeeechigan’s Deshawn Sims had his shining moment, leading all with 28 in a win over the Dukies, who played like absolute sissies. Coach K’s boys didn’t get to the free throw line even once in the first half, and shot 2-18 behind the new arc. The Wolverines now have two signature wins (UCLA) to hang their hat on come March.

No football left in South Bend? No problem! There’s still reason to be pissed off…as the Buckeyes take down the Irish in Indy. Luke Harangody is back and looking healthy, but the story here is Ohio State’s Evan Turner. He also led all scorers with 28, and has basically emegred as the team’s go-to-guy.

One final game of note, attention-seeking Marquette protects their house, with a win over identity-seeking Wisconsin. Both of these teams have talent but right now aren’t really getting any chatter, especially from us.

Quickie Recap 12.2: Jack McClinton has to slap Buckeye?

December 3, 2008

In a game that showed how reliant Miami is on their standout Jack McClinton, the Hurricanes blew a 14 point lead after “Apples” slapped Ohio State’s Anthony Crater about midway through the first half.  Great audition tape for the Real World (see Jack’s Profile from Siena days).  Ohio State, who really isn’t that good, dictated the pace of the game and chipped away at the Hurricanes, turned tropical depression, to get the mild upset W.  

Steve Lavin made the whole situation sound cool and unfortunately Nick missed it, instead electing to watch the beginning of the end of Will Ferrell’s movie career.  Anyways we’ll wait to see if McClinton is reprimanded further, aside from the predictable bashing he’ll hear from ACC crowds.

In the night cap, Purdue students slept in the cold for two nights just to see their boys play 40 minutes of fairly uninspired basketball, losing 76- 60.  The Boilermakers are clearly talented but are going to have to learn, on-the-fly, how to win big games after missed opportunities against Oklahoma and now the Dukies.  The Blue Devils got 20 each out of Kyle Singler and Jon Scheyer.

Notre Dame has announced that Mike Brey will be the offensive coordinator for the football team…well no, but it’s not a terrible The Irish basketball team rained triples all over South Dakota. They were without the services of Luke Harangody (pneumonia), but that had zero bearing on the outcome.  Ryan Ayers and Kyle McAlareny were the key culprits responsible for the team’s 37 three point attempts.  Usually that’s enough to make a coach cringe, but when you hit a school record 19, apparently you just keep telling ’em to fire away.