A nice little Saturday for the Atlantic 10

December 13, 2008

Dionte Christmas was DOIN!!! the Vols today

Dionte Christmas started off a nice day for the A-10

The A-10 is certainly a conference stuck with an identity crisis. It’s a mid-major conference that’s not a mid-major conference that hates being called a mid-major conference despite repeatedly being called a mid-major conference.

Today, however, the conference went to Home Depot with Frank Ricard, picking up a pair of nice non-conference wins– Temple over Tennessee, UMASS over Kansas— with Xavier holding firm as a top 10 team in the night cap.

The Musketeers got theĀ win in their signature rivalry game against Cincinnati, which featured six technical fouls. Sounds intense, but were not sure if that’s the case, as we tried to digest the madness while dodging hot-heads getting wild on a Saturday night.

For the record, offensive-minded Duquesne had a chance to get the conference their fourth win over a BCS team tonight, but came up short against West Virginia.

Not sure if this is the start of a positive trend, but certainly a good effort that will get some attention.

The Doug Wiggins Level of Embarrassment Test

November 25, 2008
Does Doug need a hug?

Does Doug need a hug?

Scenario #1: Caught alone, in a bathroom of a house, that you broke into? A bathroom, really?

Scenario #2: Caught alone in a car, parked, on the side of the road, with Jerome Dyson (pot and booze on hand)? Did we mention they were alone, parked on the side of the road?

Which one do you think is more embarrassing? Couldn’t decide? Good, we can’t either. Well, we could just ask Doug Wiggins, he lived them both. Don’t be confused by the two different schools in the articles, this isn’t one of those “one armed man” deja vu-type events. Doug Wiggins is currently sitting out his mandatory year, resulting from his transfer from UCONN to UMASS.

Don’t go down that road Doug!!! You could one day have a blog named after you!!!