And the Wake is building

January 12, 2009

We want to be friends with Jeff Teague

We want to be friends with Jeff Teague

On Sunday night, after digesting some not so exciting NFL football, we began uncontrollably salivating at the Wake Forest – UNC matchup. We kept asking ourselves: Is Jeff Teague and the rest of the Demon Deacons legit?  Do we throw a party if UNC goes 0-2 in the ACC?  As the game went on it was…is Jeff Teague POY material?  And who the EFF is Chas McFarland?

Teague and his cronies proved they are more than just legit, they showed they might be the most entertaining team in all of college basketball, with a 92 – 89 win over the assumed national champs.  Our new favorite guard led all with a whopping 34 points, showing the ability to create shots for himself regardless of what defense was thrown at him. Complimenting Teague was the aforementioned Chas. The seven foot center who stole his name from 1992 battled Psycho T all game, and it was highlighted by a coast to coast lay-up we thought would end with Chas face planting under the basket– only it didn’t.

What will this mean to the UNC? Not much…probably, but we said that last Monday when they lost to BC.  What’s most encouraging here is that the ACC may be more competitive than we had envisioned, and that bodes well for any fan of college basketball.

Glad we don’t have to hear that undefeated crap again

January 4, 2009
Yeah, that happened

Yeah, that happened

While this will do nothing to inhibit North Carolina from winning their fifth national championship, at least we can sleep easy at night knowing Tyler Hansborough will not be part of something that is “perfection.”  Boston College did us all a huge favor and shocked the Heels, deflating the egos of all those preppy kids who walk down Franklin Street thinking they’re sweet or something.

Tyrese Rice is officially the man, and he’s certainly established himself as an absolute UNC Killer, leading all with 25 points and eight assists. After the game he pretty much called out all previous Tar Heels foes, and this cold-blooded mentality earned him a spot on our long list of people we wouldn’t pick a fight with.

What’s most impressive about the victory is that after exchanging jabs for the first 30 minutes of the game, the Eagles asserted themselves down the stretch, pulling away from the number one, all-world Tar Heels for the victory, even holding a 74-61 lead with 9:24 to play.

Being a road game for BC, the monumental victory didn’t really have that feel when the final buzzer sounded. No rushing the court and no mayhem, just some mild hootin’ and hollerin’ and cordial handshakes between the coaches.  It makes us realize how rare the win is, and the difficulty of taking down the top team on their own floor.

So while it will it be short lived and fairly inconsequental in the big picture, the loss means the Tar Heels are technically in last place in the ACC standings.  Duke appears to be gelling as a team, blowing out the Hokies tonight at Cameron Indoor.   And with Wake Forest still undefeated, everything is now that much more compelling as we move forward.

ESPN runs another marathon, we’ll just drink

December 30, 2008


They’re at it again, an all-day extravaganza that is supposed to pique our interest, instead it only mildly intrigues us.

To ring in 2009, ESPN will have college basketball games from noon to midnight, which in most cases will simply serve as background filler while you’re prepping for a night filled with wine stains on slacks and stories that start with “so I was blacked out and…”

Looking at the slate of games, we do like Wisconsin – Michigan. The Badgers, as we all know, like to take it slow while Michigan is offensive minded averaging 74 points a game, an anomaly in the grind-it-out Big 10.

Speaking of grinding, hopefully your doing it on the East Coast by the time UNC – Nevada tips off. But just in case you got no plans, tune-in for what should be another show by the undefeated Tar Heels. Nevada is a mediocre 7-5, and they’re #211 in defensive 3-pt percentage (34.8 percent). This means that when Ty Lawson gets bored cutting up the Wolfpack D, he can just kick out, at will, to the plethora of Tar Heel shooters.

Happy 09, don’t drink and drive.

Hansbrough becomes UNC all-time leading scorer. How prestigious

December 18, 2008

It was much like the 2,290 points he scored before it…ugly, forced, unpolished. But you can’t take it away from him, Tyler Hansbrough is the all-time leading scorer in Tar Heel history. More than Jordan, Worthy, Carter and most importantly—Phil Ford.

This won’t help his draft stock, not even a little, but it is something to hang your hat on. Congratulations to Tyler.

Hansborugh will now look to pass JJ Redick for the all-time ACC scoring record. Let’s hope he falls short.

12.3 Let’s all touch each other…wait just another Quickie Recap

December 4, 2008
Prettier than Hansbrough to say the least

Prettier than Hansbrough to say the least

CBS HD, thank you!  And no, we are not talking about Gus Johnson’s over excitement for a great entry pass 2 minutes into a matchup between two unranked Big Ten (Small?) teams.  We are talking about the only starting lineup we cared about last night…Marisa Miller, Adriana Lima, Alessandra Ambrosio, Doutzen Kroes and Heidi Klum.

If you clasped the remote with two hands and buried your bum into that plush recliner to watch an outside chance that Mateen Cleaves, grey beard and all, would emerge from the depths of Ford Field to lead a MSU comeback over UNC, well then we just feel bad for you.  All the action we needed was carried in C cups, chartered by wings, during the 2008 Victoria’s Secret Show.

Here’s your “Quickie Recap” for 12.3 …notice the nail biter (7 points) @ Xavier, wow.  Hopefully we can expect better out of #9 UCLA visiting #8 Texas tonight.

UNC already crowned 2009 NCAA Champions, to play three NBA bottom feeders as part of exhibition

December 3, 2008

If we had any pull in Vegas (we don’t), we would place tighter odds on many once thought impossible feats—like the Cubs winning the World Series, capitalism in China, and even the Earth spontaneously stopping from rotating on its axis—than the North Carolina Tar Heels failing to take down the nets in April.

Looking at their schedule, few roadblocks loom. Yes of course there’s Duke, but we’re not going to try and tout them like any sort of kryptonite…yet. .Better call up the 1976 Indiana Hoosier basketball team, it’s only a matter of time before we start getting ‘pursuit of perfection’ talk.


In related news, the ACC wins the prestigious Commissioners Cup for the 10th consecutive year, 6 – 5. Yay, what a compelling three nights of basketball.

Oh and how much excitement was in Ford Field last night?  LAYOFF CITY BABY!!! May want to rethink this place as the site of the Final Four, before it becomes the House Committee on Financial Services Field.


Also should note that Syracuse sidestepped an embarrassment, coming from behind in the second half to defeat Cornell. But hey, it wasn’t on TV so like we say: “It’s like it didn’t even happen.”

Quickie Recap 11.26: UNC is pretty, pretty good

November 27, 2008
So much for that injury, Hansborough looked pretty sharp out in Maui

So much for that injury, Hansborough looked sharp out in Maui

We’re guessing that you didn’t spend last night sitting in a well lit living room, sipping on a couple beverages complimented by some sort of vegetable spread, tending to your dog, and watching the few decent games on in solitude. No, we’re guessing you had to keep monitoring the televisions on mute while navigating through cramped bars full of high school “has beens” and “never weres.” Biggest bar night of the year but it’s always fun though, we think.

While you were catching up, partaking in “stop and chats” that you wish never had to happen, UNC made the Irish look like Charlie Weis was coaching them. Tyler Hansborough put up 34 points, while after the game Roy Williams said his star center is playing at only about 75 percent. Ass holes.

Staying in Maui, Indiana did manage a two point victory over host Chaminade in the seventh place game. Phew! You can credit Tom Crean’s staff on that victory. Great advance scouting guys!

In NYC, Blake Griffin, the second best player in the country, led his Sooners over a good UAB team, Ya granted the Blazers blew the lead at the end, but they have talent in a lame Conference USA. We’re not sure if this news made it back to Norman, as attention is strictly on the Bedlam game. Nonetheless, they’ll face Purdue in the NIT Season Tip-Off finals.

If you’re eyes are hurting from the awful football the NFL is giving to us on this sacred day, we noticed that ESPN2 has all the first round games of the Old Spice Classic. Feel free to switch over.

Now if you’ll excuse us we need to go watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade back to bed.

Enjoy Turkey.

Quickie Recap 11.25: Heels to meet Irish in Maui final, ‘Cuse knocks off another

November 26, 2008

Tuesday night certainly provided some flair. Probably not enough for that dickhead restaurant manager in Office Space, but flair nonetheless

Jonny Flynn was the catalyst in a 14 point comeback win for Syracuse. The Orange knocked off their second ranked opponent (#23 Kansas, #18 Florida) in two days. Flynn hit a clutch 3 pointer to tie it up with 6 seconds to go and then the Orange brought the hammer down in OT.

Interesting to see these guys celebrate after the win. A little much? Let’s not forget it is the “O’Reilly Auto Parts CBE Classic.” We’re just saying kids, act like you’ve been there before.

We’re pretty sure we know what UNC is bringing to the Thanksgiving dinner Luau, Duck Soup. The most entertaining part of the UNC – Oregon game was the last 3 minutes when UNC unloaded the bench, let’s be honest…we all wanted to see guys like this get some quality PT.

UNC will meet Notre Dame after the Irish slipped by Texas in an entertaining game. The first thing that sticks out here…AJ Abrams was 5-17 in 3pt attempts, Kyle McAlarney was 5-9. Looks like AJ is still learning to play point guard…sometimes you gotta pass first buddy.

Anyone have the over/under on the amount of times they mention the
Hansbrough Brothers or the Zeller Brothers playing for opposite teams? We guessing 16, and that’s 15 times too many.

In other news, Stephen Curry was held scoreless in 32 minutes of play!!! Loyola still loses by 30. A valiant effort Greyhounds.

What to Watch Wednesday night: #8 Notre Dame vs. #1 UNC, 10pm ESPN

Quickie 11.17 Recap: Lot of Games, Little Action

November 17, 2008

Pitt's dominating win over Miami was like a girl _____________ Tower

So there was a bevy of games on the slate last night. For those of you looking for some drama and hoping for something like Miami of Ohio following up their effort against UCLA–well nothing of the like really happened. Pittsburgh turned it on in the 2nd half and steamrolled those Red Hawks, UCONN scored two more points in the 2nd half than their opponent put up in the entire game, and Stephen Curry is doing his best to extinguish any doubt that moving to point guard will prevent him from scoring points, dismantling a trifling JMU squad. Villanova also put up an impressive 107 points to annihilate Fordham. Er scratch that…Fordham would struggle against Division III teams, they’re atrocious

The closest game on the Top 25 scoreboard was Georgetown (probably on auto-pilot) with a nine point win over Jacksonville. Boring.

Yes, I (Nick) am aware that it appears I am purposely overlooking Sunday’s Duke-URI outcome, where Jimmy Baron nearly single-handedly snapped the Blue Devils 62 game home non-conference winning streak. My response…this time of the season is like Spring Training: If you win, great. If you lose…well it’s just Spring Training. Right? RIGHT? Anyone?

Anyways we’re looking forward to the first big matchup of the season…UNC and Kentucky. The Wildcats still suck but at least it’s a “brand-name.” Tyler Hansborough is still out with that injury, so we won’t need a big bottle of Aleve handy just to watch the entire 40 minutes of play.