Who Are We?

Growing up just outside the mean streets of Portland, Maine (yes we know that gives us some serious street cred) there really were few options for people to pass the time when stuck in a frozen tundra from November through April. You could get in trouble, throw snowballs at your old dog, or even go ice fishing. We wanted none of that, and instead decided to immerse ourselves in the most pure athletic outlet…College Basketball.

For a majority of our lives we have had to spend each day listening to friends, girlfriends, coaches, teachers, bosses and parents, when we really just wanted to sit in peace and see Shulman’s shiny dome, or Billy Raftery unofficially officially start each game proclaiming the “mantaman” defense principles.

We’re the type of guys that can find a story line in a mid season MEAC match-up. We can watch an NBA game and know, without hesitation, where each guy came from. Quick—Rodney Stuckey, Trevor Ariza, Eric Piatkowski; Eastern Washington, UCLA by way of Westchester HS in Los Angeles, Nebraska. That was easy.

Spring Break Mexico? Screw that, how ’bout SPRING BREAK KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI!!! to watch round 1 and 2. Yes, we’ve done it.

So when you get sick of listening to Jay Bilas talking about how long certain combo guards are, Steve Lavin being overly poetic, and Seth Davis refusing to make a bold statement, surf over to our offbeat coverage and commentary of all the relevant stuff going on in roundball.

Expect a lot of animosity towards UNC, favoritism for Duke, Syracuse and Xavier, and cynicism all over the place.

We gladly will accept your opinion, rants, and incriminating pictures of your favorite college athlete.

9 Responses to Who Are We?

  1. greg says:

    keep up the good work fellas

  2. Dan says:

    good stuff guys!

  3. Good luck guys! As Arizona State fans, we can’t beleive we’re actually looking forward to basketball season.

    If you’re in need of content on the state of Arizona’s best basketball program, feel free to dig through our Sun Devil men’s hoops archive.

    Go Devils!

  4. pmg911 says:

    great site guys. . just added it to my favorites…

    Please feel free to openly hope that St. John’s fires Norm Roberts the day after the season ends…

  5. ryan says:

    hey good site….but yo wheres the love for the BEARCATS?? i know its tough for xavier to lose every year to the inner city rival but come on. And how about the bigeast football champions huh? orange bowl?

    ps. ive got plenty of incriminating photos of some ballers for sale.

  6. Ryan says:

    I think you need to start complaining about Doug Gottlieb, there are to many reasons to list

  7. I wanted to let you know how sorry and deeply concerned I am about your current dook usage. Many people, like yourself, have innocently made the decision to be dook fans without realizing how quickly a seemingly good choice can become a dangerous obsession. Then, when March comes around, being a dook fan suddenly doesn’t seem like a good idea after all, and the blinders are lifted and you see the damage this choice has rendered in your life. Lost friends, alienation of loved ones and referees, nose growth, huge american express bills, and uncontrolled floor-slapping and elbow throwing are all consequences of long-term dook usage, or cryzhitsheeitis. The good news is that this life-threatening condition can be controlled and eventually eradicated by limiting contact with other users, especially those in the more advanced stages of the disease, known as oralvitaledis, for which there is no known cure. You can break free of this limiting disease and move on to lighter blue skies.

  8. CTHoops says:

    I like this place. I think I’ll come back! Find a cure for Dookie Vee(that’s Huskyspeak for Dick Vitale…alternatives include Pukie V and Mike’s Boy) and you really will be my new best friends!

  9. Bukkaboom says:

    Get meaner you puss-licks. Tourney time is coming

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