Quickie Recap 1.12: Big Monday Premieres

January 13, 2009
Forgetting the object of OT, score to win

Forgetting the object of OT, score to win

The premiere of ESPN’s Big Monday brought us a Big East match up that was intense for all 40 minutes…of regulation.  Someone forgot to tell Mike Brey’s Notre Dame team that an OT loss, still counts as a loss.  Louisville defeated Notre Dame 87-73, Notre Dame only scored 2 points in 5 minutes of overtime. 

Both teams did look sharp in regulation, combining for 19 three pointers.  The game was a back and forth battle all throughout regulation, but with 3:23 to go both teams remained locked at 71.  And then Louisville went off.  Terrence Williams fell two assists shy of a triple-double, tallying 24 points, 16 rebounds and 8 dimes.  Frosh, Samardo Samuels looked like he is starting to get the Big East style of play, being able to post 18 points, 6 boards and 4 “return to sender” blocks.  Notre Dame did get 28 points and 13 rebounds out of Luke Harangody, however it all came in the first 34 minutes of play.  Saturday Louisville will host #1 Pittsburgh and Notre Dame will travel to “The Dome” to take on #8 Syracuse.

The Red River Shootout was the nightcap from Norman, Oklahoma.  The Oklahoma Sooners took control early in the Big 12 rivalry and never looked back at the Longhorns of Texas.  The closest the game ever was, was during the first 19 seconds of the game before Oklahoma made it 2-0.  There were no lead changes and no ties throughout the game.  Oklahoma was led by none other than Blake Griffin, who got his 14th double-double, racking up 20 points and 10 rebounds.  Frosh PG Willie Warren added 17 points.  Had Texas standout AJ Abrams not gone 3-15 from beyond the arc, the story of the game could have drastically changed, but we will have to wait until February 21st when Oklahoma travels to Austin.

Wooo! Pig Sooie is for real

January 7, 2009
Arkansas loves playing David to Goliath

Arkansas loves playing David to Goliath

The unranked Razorbacks of Arkansas have done it again.  For the second time in one week they have knocked off a top 10 team.

On Tuesday night the Razorbacks took down #7 Texas 67-61. A week earlier they downed a then undefeated #4 Oklahoma.  Everyone in the Big 12 is now looking down their schedule to make sure they don’t have this SEC team that will be known as the Big 12 Killers.  The Razorbacks were led by Michael Washington’s 22 points but the real engine that makes this team go is Freshman PG Courtney Fortson, who added 10 rebounds and 5 assists to go with his 13 points.

Yes, we know he has long hair but this kid can play.  What is the reason for the 12-1 Razorbacks being unranked?  Good question, we don’t know either, but we know with their style of play they will always keep a game close (a hint for when you’re filling out your brackets in March).

Summers saves Spartans

December 20, 2008


Summers three propelled Mich. St. to a win in Houston

Summers three propelled Mich. St. to a win in Houston

 It preempted Duke-Xavier in most markets, and was what a game between two elite teams should look like.   Durrell Summers clinched a big win for the Spartans, knocking down a deep ball with 18 seconds left, to secure a victory over Texas. 

Goran Suton showed how vital he can serve when healthy, leading his team with 18 points and limiting production from Dexter Pittman.  Despite poor play from Aj Abrams (eight points) the Longhorns played well enough to win. We think Abrams should be the fall guy here.  He made some questionable decisions down the stretch and is Exhibit A of how a “shoot first” point guard can hinder his team from winning.  Isolation and “getting mine” isn’t always the answer kid, especially against a Tom Izzo coached team.

The Spartans are now clicking after two ugly early season losses, and should have some renewed confidence heading into conference play. Texas should look to clean up their offense as they prepare for another gritty Big 10 team in Wisconsin.

Quickie Recap 12.9: Stephen Curry is still captivating, ‘Horns top Cats

December 10, 2008
Can't stop, won't stop...he'll get his, eventually

Can't stop, won't stop...he'll get his, eventually

Four things were made apparent tonight at MSG:

  • Stephen Curry knows how to share (10 Assists)
  • Stephen Curry needs to shave the ‘stache
  • Stephen Curry will take an average Davidson team back to the second weekend of the NCAA Tournament
  • Dexter Pittman is fast becoming a Dexatrim success story.

Yes, Davidson pulled off another attention grabbing victory with Curry providing the last minute heroics once again.  You saw it coming.  He couldn’t of been more off with his shot for the first 38 minutes, but it was just for effect and Curry flipped on the switch for the last two minutes, sealing West Virginia’s fate, 68 – 65.

We shouldn’t look past the fact the Mountaineers were a fairly depleted unit tonight.  No Joe Mazzoula and no Alex Rouff, which you can attribute their lackluster 33 percent from the field.  They did get 24 points and 14 rebounds out of emerging star The Da’ Sean Butler– who looked stellar in-person, according to our correspondent who was on hand.

The night cap proved to be very uneventful.  Texas was clearly the better team, teasing the ‘Cats all game long, but pulling away to win 67 – 58.  AJ Abrams did his part in the cause, again, with 18 of his 26 coming in the second half.  Had Texas shot free throws “granny style,” the ‘Horns might have finished off ‘Nova midway through the second half.

Now we love this event, and the Jimmy V speech never gets old.  But we don’t understand why it’s not a true tournament, because Curry vs. Abrams would be appointment television.

Quickie Recap 12.4: Even a “bag-tag” won’t slow down Griffin, 8 is greater than 9

December 5, 2008
Every man feels his pain

Every man feels his pain

Who would attack the “manhood” of arguably the strongest player in college basketball? Enter Leonard Washington…exit Leonard Washington. Not only is Leonard Washington mentally inferior, he also still believes it is acceptable to play the elementary school “bag-tag” game.

After Blake was able to get over that not-so-loving feeling, he was able to convert 11 of the Sooners final 21 points, leading them to a 73-72 victory. The Sooners are now 7-0 and looking very nice.

Texas was able to give UCLA their second loss in the early season, as part of yet another inter-conference series. AJ Abrams led all with 31, with a tie-breaking three ball with just under three minutes left.

UCONN quietly avoids a monumental upset from the Buffalo Bulls, their only true non-conference road game. This begs the question if the Huskies are ready for the Big East grind, which is sure to be tagged as ‘historical’ before this season is over.

Quickie Recap 11.25: Heels to meet Irish in Maui final, ‘Cuse knocks off another

November 26, 2008

Tuesday night certainly provided some flair. Probably not enough for that dickhead restaurant manager in Office Space, but flair nonetheless

Jonny Flynn was the catalyst in a 14 point comeback win for Syracuse. The Orange knocked off their second ranked opponent (#23 Kansas, #18 Florida) in two days. Flynn hit a clutch 3 pointer to tie it up with 6 seconds to go and then the Orange brought the hammer down in OT.

Interesting to see these guys celebrate after the win. A little much? Let’s not forget it is the “O’Reilly Auto Parts CBE Classic.” We’re just saying kids, act like you’ve been there before.

We’re pretty sure we know what UNC is bringing to the Thanksgiving dinner Luau, Duck Soup. The most entertaining part of the UNC – Oregon game was the last 3 minutes when UNC unloaded the bench, let’s be honest…we all wanted to see guys like this get some quality PT.

UNC will meet Notre Dame after the Irish slipped by Texas in an entertaining game. The first thing that sticks out here…AJ Abrams was 5-17 in 3pt attempts, Kyle McAlarney was 5-9. Looks like AJ is still learning to play point guard…sometimes you gotta pass first buddy.

Anyone have the over/under on the amount of times they mention the
Hansbrough Brothers or the Zeller Brothers playing for opposite teams? We guessing 16, and that’s 15 times too many.

In other news, Stephen Curry was held scoreless in 32 minutes of play!!! Loyola still loses by 30. A valiant effort Greyhounds.

What to Watch Wednesday night: #8 Notre Dame vs. #1 UNC, 10pm ESPN

Quickie Recap 11.24: Hawaii is nicer than Kansas City

November 25, 2008

The same goes for early season tournaments.

While Syracuse – Florida was a good measuring stick game, showing the Orange are definitely a top 20 team, it lacked drama and excitement. Dickie V seemed like he drank 5 “Sparks” but was the only one drunk at the party. Syracuse did their part in building that “Tournament Resume,” with one of those marquee wins that Joe Lunardi talks up in March. The ‘Cuse received help from everyone in a 51% shooting effort, led by the linebacker/tight end Paul Harris’ 18 points and 11 rebounds, and Andy Rautins’ five first half triples.

Grandma’s Boy …Anyone?

JP Grandmas Boy...or...is it...

JP Grandmas Boy...or...is it...

Andy Rautins!

Andy Rautins!

Florida was led by none other than Nick Calathes (See Post from 11.24), Billy Donovan’s “Golden Boy.” Excellent set shot!

Today while you’re at work, there’s 2nd round matchups in Maui you have good reason to look forward to…

#8 Notre Dame vs. #7 Texas, 7 pm ESPN – Expect AJ Abrams and Kyle McAlarney to rain threes the entire game.

#1 North Carolina vs. Oregon, 9:30 pm ESPN – Points aplenty here. Oregon gives up 73 a game, and UNC is pretty good at scoring.

One more thing on the CBE Classic, where the Kansas – Washington game felt over hyped. Why is ESPN all of a sudden making a big deal over Jon Brockman??? The guy is talented yes, but, he’s a 4 year starter who has been visible on the college basketball scene since his freshman year. Maybe we’re missing something here but he didn’t just arrive, we already knew he was decent. Kansas will now play Syracuse for this prestigious title.

Down in the Virgin Islands, UCONN beat Wisconsin to capture the Paradise Jam title. Could these teams be any different? UCONN reminds us of cool kids who party (and steal computers, HAHA) while the Badgers play by the rules and listen to their parents–who in this case is Bo Ryan. Yes, we know Madison is like some crazy party school, full of liberal, free spirits who don’t follow conventions, but this is strictly basketball talk so don’t get it twisted. Regardless, UCONN certainly silenced some haters this weekend and, in our opinion, have solidified themselves as the second best team in the country.