Eric Gordon burns bridges

December 18, 2008
Kelvin Sampson ruins basketball programs, hard drugs might too

Kelvin Sampson ruins basketball programs, and hard drugs might too

Some interesting words uttered by NBA rook Eric Gordon this week. Much of the blame on last year’s implosion in Bloomington was placed squarely on Kelvin Sampson, but there may be something a little more interesting to probe.

Gordon spoke candidly about drug use among many of his former Hoosier players. What’s interesting here is that Gordon wasn’t necessarily hinting at just a little puff puff pass, it could be much more illicit than that. These rumors have been swirling for some time now, and could carry more weight now that Gordon is essentially backing up that speculation.

Rush The Court delves into this further, as we’re just digesting it after a day of work and company holiday parties. Not sure if this will develop any further, but certainly some interesting tattle-telling by Gordon.

Quickie Recap 11.26: UNC is pretty, pretty good

November 27, 2008
So much for that injury, Hansborough looked pretty sharp out in Maui

So much for that injury, Hansborough looked sharp out in Maui

We’re guessing that you didn’t spend last night sitting in a well lit living room, sipping on a couple beverages complimented by some sort of vegetable spread, tending to your dog, and watching the few decent games on in solitude. No, we’re guessing you had to keep monitoring the televisions on mute while navigating through cramped bars full of high school “has beens” and “never weres.” Biggest bar night of the year but it’s always fun though, we think.

While you were catching up, partaking in “stop and chats” that you wish never had to happen, UNC made the Irish look like Charlie Weis was coaching them. Tyler Hansborough put up 34 points, while after the game Roy Williams said his star center is playing at only about 75 percent. Ass holes.

Staying in Maui, Indiana did manage a two point victory over host Chaminade in the seventh place game. Phew! You can credit Tom Crean’s staff on that victory. Great advance scouting guys!

In NYC, Blake Griffin, the second best player in the country, led his Sooners over a good UAB team, Ya granted the Blazers blew the lead at the end, but they have talent in a lame Conference USA. We’re not sure if this news made it back to Norman, as attention is strictly on the Bedlam game. Nonetheless, they’ll face Purdue in the NIT Season Tip-Off finals.

If you’re eyes are hurting from the awful football the NFL is giving to us on this sacred day, we noticed that ESPN2 has all the first round games of the Old Spice Classic. Feel free to switch over.

Now if you’ll excuse us we need to go watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade back to bed.

Enjoy Turkey.

Milwaukee Bucks assistant coach gets penalized

November 25, 2008

What is the big deal you ask? I mean it’s the NBA, and a fairly insignificant NBA team at that. But the assistant were talking about here is Kelvin Sampson. Today the NCAA charged Sampson, who has seemingly inauspiciously drifted to the league’s sidelines, barring him from coaching in college for the next five years.

Sampson, you probably remember, was the big hire intended to help Hoosier country suppress all thoughts of Mike Davis. Those fans welcomed Sampson to campus with open arms, emphasizing his consistent body of work at Oklahoma, while at the same time neglecting to acknowledge the fact he was bringing baggage with him–in the form of past recruiting violations. Those illegal tactics continued in Bloomington, and after only one-and-a-half seasons the NABC Ethics Committee–the same committee Sampson was once the president ofput together a report that outlined numerous phone calls to recruits that fell outside the lines of what was allowed. Sampson was given a buy out deal, right in the middle of Big 10 conference play, in a season that started with IU envisioning a deep tournament run. Dan Dakich was moved to interim head coach, and managed to get IU a 7 seed, where they lost in the first round to Arkansas.

Sampson’s name now carries more than baggage, it carries a stigma and he’s made a mockery of two BCS schools. One has recovered, and one is in a terrible mess that Tom Crean will work tirelessly to rectify. Basically, it would be better for the game if Sampson left college alone for good.

In addition, there were no additional penalties brought down on the Hoosier program, as the NCAA deemed Indiana University’s self-imposed sanctions (one lost scholarship for this season, and restrictions on Sampson’s favorite hobby-phone calling) were appropriate. This means that IU will not face any postseason bans, although were going to make a safe assumption that would take a few years to actually matter.