ESPN runs another marathon, we’ll just drink

December 30, 2008


They’re at it again, an all-day extravaganza that is supposed to pique our interest, instead it only mildly intrigues us.

To ring in 2009, ESPN will have college basketball games from noon to midnight, which in most cases will simply serve as background filler while you’re prepping for a night filled with wine stains on slacks and stories that start with “so I was blacked out and…”

Looking at the slate of games, we do like Wisconsin – Michigan. The Badgers, as we all know, like to take it slow while Michigan is offensive minded averaging 74 points a game, an anomaly in the grind-it-out Big 10.

Speaking of grinding, hopefully your doing it on the East Coast by the time UNC – Nevada tips off. But just in case you got no plans, tune-in for what should be another show by the undefeated Tar Heels. Nevada is a mediocre 7-5, and they’re #211 in defensive 3-pt percentage (34.8 percent). This means that when Ty Lawson gets bored cutting up the Wolfpack D, he can just kick out, at will, to the plethora of Tar Heel shooters.

Happy 09, don’t drink and drive.

Youtube Friday: SVP in love at Dewey Beach

December 5, 2008

The Big Ten is athletically challenged (maybe)

November 30, 2008


On Monday night the ESPN networks will begin showcasing their 10th Annual ACC/Big Ten Challenge. Yes, we think there’s a small opportunity for a play on words here, to poke fun at the Big Ten’s recent failures in college athletics (see Ohio State vs The SEC).

We still think its a great concept however—two BCS conferences, early season excitement, chance for some conference bragging rights—but the problem lies in the lack of true competition. The ACC has won this “challenge” every year for since its inception in 2000. Both Duke and BC are undefeated in the event, although it should be noted the Eagles are newbies to the conference, and ACC teams are 33-4 on their home courts. Expect more of the same for this latest installment tipping off tonight.

Our obligatory picks in RED


#22 Wisconsin @ Virginia Tech 7 PM Est. ESPN2


Ohio State @ #22 Miami 7 PM ESPN
Iowa @ Boston College 7:05 PM ESPNU
Clemson @ Illinois 7:30 PM ESPN2
Virginia @ Minnesota 8:30 PM ESPN2
#4 Duke @ #10 Purdue 9:00 PM ESPN


Indiana @ #17 Wake Forest 7:15 PM ESPN
Penn State @ Georgia Tech 7:30 PM ESPN2
Michigan @ Maryland 7:30 PM ESPNU
#1 North Carolina @ #6 Michigan State (At Ford Field in Detroit, MI) 9:15 PM ESPN
Florida State @ Northwestern 9:30 PM ESPN2 — ***we’re very impressed if you toggle between this and UNC-Mich St.

ESPN pushes ‘Marathon’ of games, lots of water breaks along the way

November 17, 2008

So just for the record, this “First Annual College Tip-Off Marathon” is kind of a joke and we’re not calling off work tomorrow to watch. ESPN thinks it’s just downright amazing and probably have many of you suckers convinced it’s important and compelling, but they’re guilty of pulling BS like this before (just watch “NFL Live” in late June).

Below is the schedule for this ‘marathon’, which features UMASS-Memphis, and Kentucky-UNC. It’s a great idea, but we’re not really into Idaho State-Hawaii, or the women’s game, or the 4 hours of a SportsCenter special on repeat used as filler.


ESPN Jumps Out of Hot Water

November 14, 2008
“A slutty girl who would hang out at the cowgirl hall of fame.”

“A slutty girl who would hang out at the cowgirl hall of fame.”

Ever wanted to be a poster boy/girl for your wicked sweet, highly-acclaimed university? A chance to be BMOC despite having no handle or leaping ability? Well ESPN almost gave you a shot…but only if you fit one of a long list of stereotypes that apparently can be found at a number of college campuses across the country.

A memo from Anolomy, an ad-agency in New York that has worked previously with the worldwide leader, was leaked regarding a campaign that upon further review was not gonna fly in mainstream America.

That campaign has been nixed, quickly, but USA Today’s Michael Hiestand has all the juicy details.

Obviously this is a terrible idea, one that would infuriate those targeted, and ESPN did the right thing by putting it to bed. But aside from all the (ignorant) generalization Anolomy had in mind, the biggest question to ask is… where the hell is Perdue University?

ESPN drops ad campaign that was to portray college stereotypes — USA Today