Andy Kennedy is under arrest, Obama calls for DEFCON 1

February 2, 2009

Today, the Cincinnati Police released their video from the now infamous December 18th night that Ole Miss, and former UC head coach, Andy Kennedy reveled in all the Queen City had to offer in preparation for his team’s match-up against Rick Pi(a)tino’s Louisville Cardinals.  Kennedy got a little rambunctious, you remember, and allegedly slapped a cab driver who told the coach there was no room left in the taxi.

In the clip, Kennedy is heard telling the officer fortunate enough to arrive on the scene that because of his prestigious position as an SEC basketball coach,  any formal paperwork documenting this altercation would turn it into an “international incident.”  Huh?  So Saudi princes care about this? Starving children in Central Africa care about this?  What about Canadians? I am not even convinced we even care about this.

Kennedy is still set to appear in court on April 20 on misdemeanor assault charges.  Normally I’d follow that up with some sort of lame jest centered around marijuana, but we’re grown ups who work now.



January 21, 2009


It doesn’t have the same chilling effect like Verne Lundquist’s  “Northwestern [State] Wins” from the 2006 NCAA Tournament, but a ring nonetheless.

After 51 consecutive losses, and an official team web page that has run out of verbs to describe a valiant effort resulting in a losing effort (seriously you have to click on this), the New Jersey Institute of Technology has chalked up a win.  The victim:  Bryant University — part of the Northeastern Conference, it’s the Bulldogs first season as a DI school.

We had been monitoring this exemplary effort in futility all season.  It seemed probable that Jim Engles’ team, a team he inherited this summer, could go two full seasons without a single victory.  Thankfully that won’t happen, and for the few that follow the team (those on hand did rush the court) it’s time to rejoice.

A one game winning streak“, writes the Newark Star Ledger’s Steve Politi.

Yes, a one game winning streak.  Bring on Longwood!

That’s embarrasing

January 20, 2009

If a tree falls in the middle of nowhere, does it make a sound?  Thanks to YouTube, it does!  At Division II Anderson University, LOUD!!! noises were made on Tuesday night.  Jarret Johnson, a 6’3″ guard had lift-off, putting his knee (yes his knee) into Mason Ambler’s mouth.  Ouch.

What to make of the Louisville Cardinals

January 11, 2009


He couldn't maniupluate his Celtics players, but Rick Pitino knows how to get through to young college kids

He couldn't manipulate his Celtics players, but Rick Pitino knows how to get through to young college kids

It’s been an interesting start to the season for the Louisville Cardinals — a preseason #3 ranking, lots of hype for forward Terrence Williams, and the hope that Rick Pitino would begin to consistently sport the white chocolate suit. But to date, their 11-3 record has been sprinkled with disappointment and drama.  The Cardinals are ranked #21, Terrence Williams is only averaging 11.6 ppg on 39 percent shooting, and we haven’t seen that damn suit yet from Pitino.

This week provided some additional angst for UL fans, as we learned that before last Sunday’s annual game against Kentucky, Pitino told Edgar Sosa to take a hike, and was sick of watching him play.  A mid-season transfer by your (usually) starting point guard is not only rare, it often is a sign that is team is self combusting. Whether Pitino truly meant what he said to the junior guard is undetermined, but it certainly struck a nerve with Sosa and he responded with 18 points, including a late three pointer to seal the win over the Wildcats.

Yesterday, the Cardinals put on a clinic in how to win ugly, manufacturing a road win over Villanova in quite unsightly fashion. Both teams shot under 40 percent and the Cardinals jacked 25 three balls, converting on only three. Pitino said that recently his team had been experiencing bad luck, but today “we had some good luck.” Could this be just another psychological attempt at invigorating his troops?

In this no-cupcake Big East, the Cardinals, like everyone, will have numerous chances to get big wins.  This week they square off at home against Notre Dame in the official premiere of Big Monday, then have five days to prepare for current top dog Pittsburgh.

Let’s not forget last season, as this team didn’t really realize its potential until February, and finished one game from the Final Four.  We certainly think this team has the parts, and of course the coach to replicate that output again in 2009.

Glad we don’t have to hear that undefeated crap again

January 4, 2009
Yeah, that happened

Yeah, that happened

While this will do nothing to inhibit North Carolina from winning their fifth national championship, at least we can sleep easy at night knowing Tyler Hansborough will not be part of something that is “perfection.”  Boston College did us all a huge favor and shocked the Heels, deflating the egos of all those preppy kids who walk down Franklin Street thinking they’re sweet or something.

Tyrese Rice is officially the man, and he’s certainly established himself as an absolute UNC Killer, leading all with 25 points and eight assists. After the game he pretty much called out all previous Tar Heels foes, and this cold-blooded mentality earned him a spot on our long list of people we wouldn’t pick a fight with.

What’s most impressive about the victory is that after exchanging jabs for the first 30 minutes of the game, the Eagles asserted themselves down the stretch, pulling away from the number one, all-world Tar Heels for the victory, even holding a 74-61 lead with 9:24 to play.

Being a road game for BC, the monumental victory didn’t really have that feel when the final buzzer sounded. No rushing the court and no mayhem, just some mild hootin’ and hollerin’ and cordial handshakes between the coaches.  It makes us realize how rare the win is, and the difficulty of taking down the top team on their own floor.

So while it will it be short lived and fairly inconsequental in the big picture, the loss means the Tar Heels are technically in last place in the ACC standings.  Duke appears to be gelling as a team, blowing out the Hokies tonight at Cameron Indoor.   And with Wake Forest still undefeated, everything is now that much more compelling as we move forward.

ESPN runs another marathon, we’ll just drink

December 30, 2008


They’re at it again, an all-day extravaganza that is supposed to pique our interest, instead it only mildly intrigues us.

To ring in 2009, ESPN will have college basketball games from noon to midnight, which in most cases will simply serve as background filler while you’re prepping for a night filled with wine stains on slacks and stories that start with “so I was blacked out and…”

Looking at the slate of games, we do like Wisconsin – Michigan. The Badgers, as we all know, like to take it slow while Michigan is offensive minded averaging 74 points a game, an anomaly in the grind-it-out Big 10.

Speaking of grinding, hopefully your doing it on the East Coast by the time UNC – Nevada tips off. But just in case you got no plans, tune-in for what should be another show by the undefeated Tar Heels. Nevada is a mediocre 7-5, and they’re #211 in defensive 3-pt percentage (34.8 percent). This means that when Ty Lawson gets bored cutting up the Wolfpack D, he can just kick out, at will, to the plethora of Tar Heel shooters.

Happy 09, don’t drink and drive.

“Ken Can, He’s our Medicare Man!”

December 15, 2008
Notice Ken’s Ball of Choice: Evolution

Roane State Community College, where basketball dreams go to die?  Not for one Ken Mink.  However, it may be the final resting place when his ticker stops ticking.  No, he is not the coach or the athletic director.  This 73 year old has traded in his “Depends” and dentures for mesh shorts and a mouth guard.  That’s right, Ken Mink will be lacing up those New Balance kicks and taking the court with his grandchildren teammates as a Roane State Raider.

Flashback: After a successful Freshman year (13 ppg) at Lees Junior College in 1955, Mink was dismissed from his team early Sophomore year when he said he was wrongfully accused of spraying shaving cream all over the coaches office and putting shaving cream in the coach’s shoes. We’re guessing that’s what is now called a “violation of team rules.” ken-mink5

He’s now getting back in the game. After knocking down shot after shot in his driveway at his home just outside of Knoxville, TN, Ken came into his house and told his wife, “I’ve still got it…I can still play.”  Mink sent out letters to 8 small colleges in the Knoxville area and someone was actually desperate enough to take on an “old bag of bones.”  Head coach Randy Nesbitt, self proclaimed “project coach” (project usually implies long-term potential?), decided to give Pops a shot.

Is Kenny Mink senile? Most definitely, but then again his teammates probably sound senile to him when they shout at him, “Gimme the rock,” or “Come here dog.”

As if the 12 hour college course load isn’t enough, Mink plans on writing a book about his experience, “Season from the past.”

A 73-Year-Old Gives Basketball a Second Shot; By Jere Longman, New York Times