Tebow always gets two, can he on Saturday?

December 12, 2008
Does he do anything poorly?

You can be jealous, Timmy-boy always takes home two.  There was no difference on Thursday night at the 2008 College Football Awards.  Tebow won his second consecutive Maxwell Award.  Only one other player in college football history can stake that claim, Johnny Lattner.  That doesn’t mean anything to us, were 24, so basically Tebow is the first to accomplish this.  If he hasn’t made you throw up yet, being so perfect, Timmy was also the recipient of the Disney Spirit Award.

Logic would suggest that the best all-around college football player, who also plays quarterback, would by default be crowned top quarterback as well…but Lee Corso fires a pencil accompanied by “Not so fast my friend!” Sam Bradford of the Oklahoma Sooners walked up to the podium for the Davey O’Brien Award, and Colt McCoy received the Walter Camp Award Player of the Year Award.

It’s an exact science this stuff.

So as it stands we have Tebow is good at everything, Bradford is the best quarterback and McCoy is the best player.

Yes, an exact science.

Heisman Trophy Football

Now all eyes turn to Saturday night at the New York Athletic club. Tebow will be going for his second consecutive Heisman Award.  Bradford and McCoy are just excited to be engulfed by Times Square.

Please buy your tissues now you proud parents.