And then there was one

National POY

In ink: ACC POY; Pencil in: National POY

Prior to Saturday afternoon, there were three undefeated teams left in all of Division I basketball, Wake Forest, Clemson and Pittsburgh and by Saturday night it would only be possible for two teams to remain unblemished.  In a battle of the unbeatens, Wake traveled down to Death Valley to take on Clemson.  The game did not live up to the hype as Clemson was not able to stick with the Demon Deacons.  Dan Collins of the Winston Salem Journal says the key to the Saturday’s 78-68 victory was the team’s ability to stick together and grind it out for the road W.  Once again Jeff Teague placed himself at the top of the list for Player of the Year candidates with his 24 points and 5 dimes.

The most entertaining moment of the night came at the disposal of Wake Forest goon Chas McFarland:




One Response to And then there was one

  1. King B says:

    Hell yeah, Teague has looked great. I haven’t seen enough bball yet to declare him a national POY candidate but he’s been awesome, definitely the class of the ACC this year. Great link by the way, I always enjoy Dan Collins pieces.

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