Let’s all touch each other…WISCONSIN just won at the buzzer

If we could post three of these a week, life would be good. Of course, that consistent feeling of elation is contingent on a close game ending in a miraculous finish, and, more importantly, other rabid fans like us promptly posting the video for others to enjoy.

But since we have it…Wisconsin got a 1 up in the win column for the Big 10, as the 10th installment of their annual series with the ACC got off to an unexpectedly enjoyable start. Bill Raftery “ONIONS!” was courtside, so that certainly helped, but it was interesting to watch the Badgers actually outscore and outlast their opponent, instead of relying on hard nose defense.

It’s difficult here not to notice the Hokies were on the wrong end of our other ‘touch each other’ post just over a week ago. That shot, by Xavier’s Dante Jackson, was roughly 90 percent luck and you can’t really fault Va Tech or even “Monday morning quarterback” it. We’re guessing this time around Hank Greenberg is combating a severe headache and surely would of liked tonight’s hero, Trevon Hughes, to have been pressured closer to half court.

Unfortunately for him, what’s done is done as Wisconsin gets a nice road win against a decent Virginia Tech squad.


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