Quickie Recap 11.25: Heels to meet Irish in Maui final, ‘Cuse knocks off another

Tuesday night certainly provided some flair. Probably not enough for that dickhead restaurant manager in Office Space, but flair nonetheless

Jonny Flynn was the catalyst in a 14 point comeback win for Syracuse. The Orange knocked off their second ranked opponent (#23 Kansas, #18 Florida) in two days. Flynn hit a clutch 3 pointer to tie it up with 6 seconds to go and then the Orange brought the hammer down in OT.

Interesting to see these guys celebrate after the win. A little much? Let’s not forget it is the “O’Reilly Auto Parts CBE Classic.” We’re just saying kids, act like you’ve been there before.

We’re pretty sure we know what UNC is bringing to the Thanksgiving dinner Luau, Duck Soup. The most entertaining part of the UNC – Oregon game was the last 3 minutes when UNC unloaded the bench, let’s be honest…we all wanted to see guys like this get some quality PT.

UNC will meet Notre Dame after the Irish slipped by Texas in an entertaining game. The first thing that sticks out here…AJ Abrams was 5-17 in 3pt attempts, Kyle McAlarney was 5-9. Looks like AJ is still learning to play point guard…sometimes you gotta pass first buddy.

Anyone have the over/under on the amount of times they mention the
Hansbrough Brothers or the Zeller Brothers playing for opposite teams? We guessing 16, and that’s 15 times too many.

In other news, Stephen Curry was held scoreless in 32 minutes of play!!! Loyola still loses by 30. A valiant effort Greyhounds.

What to Watch Wednesday night: #8 Notre Dame vs. #1 UNC, 10pm ESPN


3 Responses to Quickie Recap 11.25: Heels to meet Irish in Maui final, ‘Cuse knocks off another

  1. Fineman says:

    my prediction: ND pulls out a shocker and wins by 6 tonight against the Heels

  2. Casey says:

    I realize Cuse is a well-revered team on this site…There’s only a few problems I have with them. 1 is the TIGHT under armour that Flynn wears, someone should tell him and others that wear it that they arent playing football. And 2 what is with Andy Rautins hair. does he think the worse his haircut the less likely someone is going to be to go out and defend his shot (which is what it seemed like with Kansas last night).

  3. D_Bow says:

    Harang-utang vs Beeker Hansbrough in a battle of guys who’ll appear on plenty of NBA posters… just not their own.

    Ed Davis is the truth, and this is coming from an avowed NC hater.

    Here’s hoping the Irish and Kevin Nealon lookalike Mike Brey pull the upset… I’m pretty tired of every talking head anointing the Heels champs in November.

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