OT: “The Lazer Show” Takes Home AL MVP

He's undoubtedly cooler than your second baseman

He's undoubtedly cooler than your team's second baseman

Dustin Pedroia, the sweetest 2nd baseman in recent memory, is your American League MVP. We’re effing ecstatic. This guy is absolutely hysterical, he can bat nearly anywhere in the line-up, and he manages to have a decent looking significant other despite a severe balding problem.

This will serve as somewhat of a consolation for losing the ALCS to the lame Tampa Bay Rays. We’re still pretty ticked about that, although we’re still the most envied sports city in America.


2 Responses to OT: “The Lazer Show” Takes Home AL MVP

  1. D_Bow says:

    Now the David Eckstein comparisons will give way to Derek Jeter comparisons?

    Not sure how I feel about that, but you have to believe this hardware will do wonders for Pedey’s confidence.

    If ever there was somebody who needed a little pick-me-up…

    (Also, anyone planning to set foot in the Sox clubhouse next year will probably want to invest in some good headphones – you’re not going to hear the end of this. Ever.)

  2. 41st Floor says:

    A clip from our friends over at the 41st Floor..

    “To show you a bit of what Dustin Pedroia is made of..Last year, in Interleague play, the legendarily unapproachable Barry Bonds got to 2nd base at Fenway Park. Pedroia, the confident rookie, went right up to him without hesitation…”Sorry I had to break all your records at ASU.” he said.”

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